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Where can I buy stationery?

Question by Leafy: Where can I buy stationery?
Before I start, online is not an option.


So don’t point me in the way of websites.

What kind of national chains carry blank stationery for writing?

I’ve always found generic “thank you” cards rather… I dunno, cheesy?

I think that a thank you letter on a plain stationery note is much nicer and much more personal.

But I’ve looked at Wal-Mart, god of all shopping centers, and all I could find were either single-bought Thank You cards or 8×11 computer printer stationery. I looked at the local discount outlet, but all the stationary they had was nauseatingly gaudy. Same gaudy papers with Barnes and Nobles. Nowhere could I find small, professional-looking notecards for short handwritten letters.

What a lost art, to hand write a letter…

So where in the world do I go?

Best answer:

Answer by ladytee
Try office max

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