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Free Restaurant Coupons is Marketing That Pays Dividends For Restaurant Owners

When someone owns a restaurant they know they must do something to keep a steady flow of customers coming into their establishment. One of the most effective they accomplish this is with free restaurant coupons. Effective restaurant marketing is all about keeping the restaurants name known to the public and reinforcing the quality of the food, service, and value the restaurant provides. There are several ways a restaurant owner can market their restaurant without spending a fortune at the same time.

Some of the most common methods in restaurant marketing are yellow pages listings, flyers, and radio ads. Most of these methods are expensive and for the most part are out of reach for most restaurants on tight advertising budgets, but coupons offer substantial value to those seeking a great deal while dining out.

With the Internet offering free information for anyone with a computer at home, laptop, or smart phone, finding the perfect restaurant is a click away for instant results with the details that are important, such as cuisine, location, reviews, and even the most popular spots for nightlife fun after you meal, but the real value for using the internet is in getting free coupons for dining out.

Free restaurant coupons will bring people into a restaurant by offering additional value in dining out. People are all about saving money these days, so if there are coupons that will allow them to enjoy a nice meal out while not costing them a fortune they will go for it.

These restaurant coupons can be for any discount the restaurant wants to offer. They can be based on certain time or dates, fixed rates or a percentage off your total bill. They can offer a buy one meal get one free. They can be for free items or other valuable inducements that will draw the customer in.

Why is this kind of restaurant marketing a good idea? Because it brings customers into the restaurant and building traffic is the key to success. If they leave satisfied then they will return. If they leave satisfied then they will recommend the restaurant to others and every marketer knows that ‘word of mouth’ is the best restaurant marketing there is. So these coupons can greatly benefit the owners of the restaurant.

Of course they are saving the customers money also. This is a great appeal to the customers. This will give the customer an added incentive to come to the restaurant.

The best way for a restaurant to do some restaurant marketing with these coupons is on the internet. They will make them available on there for customers to go check out. All the customer has to do is go on the internet and type in restaurant coupons and many sites will pop up. They will put in their zip code and it will show restaurants in their area. They can choose a coupon from a restaurant that interest them and print it out.

Now the path is set. The customers use the coupons and save money and the restaurant benefits and profits because they did. This is some great restaurant marketing. If you own a restaurant try this tactic. If you are a prospective customer you should go check out these coupons. All will be happy they did.

Rob Fleming is a freelance writer whose articles appear on many popular blogs and websites. Visit his website at Freelance Writer for Hire. For more information on using restaurant coupons for your restaurant please visit ClickB4uEat.com [http://www.clickb4ueat.com].

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If a bond normally pays a semi-annual coupon, but it matures before the next coupon, is the coupon still paid?

Question by broken: If a bond normally pays a semi-annual coupon, but it matures before the next coupon, is the coupon still paid?
Lets say a 1,000 bond pays a 5% coupon each year and payments of $ 25.00 each are made in March and October. The Maturity Date of the bond is in February. Is $ 50.00 for the year the bond matures not paid?

Best answer:

Answer by I_think$
That won’t happen unless the bond is callable. Then interest plus an early payoff fee/bonus/adjustment is given through the date of the restated maturity.

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