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What should I do if I think my neighbors deal illegal drugs?

Question by egyptianwizard77: What should I do if I think my neighbors deal illegal drugs?
Basically the house to our left has been emptied and filled multiple times in the past couple years but this time they’re staying. My parents and I are 99.9% they’re doing/dealing something. My question is what type of evidence must you have to call the local police department on suspicion (spelled wrong) of drugs? We can’t just call them and say “hey our neighbors are rowdy they’re on something!” Our neighbors are odd. I’ve seen atleast 20 vehicles pull into there driveway (only far enough so their rear-end doesn’t get hit by traffic) honk the horn, someone comes outside, they go up to car window, and the car leaves. This happens ALOT. They also keep a “guard” dog chained up outside in their driveway so people can see it maybe? They also get into LOTS of fights in their front lawn with different people every time. What do we have to hear/see in order to take action? P.S. The Popos show up about once a month for random things. (Fire, dismestic disturbance) to name a few.
Also, if it means anything, we live in a ghetto town.

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