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Free Restaurant Coupons is Marketing That Pays Dividends For Restaurant Owners

When someone owns a restaurant they know they must do something to keep a steady flow of customers coming into their establishment. One of the most effective they accomplish this is with free restaurant coupons. Effective restaurant marketing is all about keeping the restaurants name known to the public and reinforcing the quality of the food, service, and value the restaurant provides. There are several ways a restaurant owner can market their restaurant without spending a fortune at the same time.

Some of the most common methods in restaurant marketing are yellow pages listings, flyers, and radio ads. Most of these methods are expensive and for the most part are out of reach for most restaurants on tight advertising budgets, but coupons offer substantial value to those seeking a great deal while dining out.

With the Internet offering free information for anyone with a computer at home, laptop, or smart phone, finding the perfect restaurant is a click away for instant results with the details that are important, such as cuisine, location, reviews, and even the most popular spots for nightlife fun after you meal, but the real value for using the internet is in getting free coupons for dining out.

Free restaurant coupons will bring people into a restaurant by offering additional value in dining out. People are all about saving money these days, so if there are coupons that will allow them to enjoy a nice meal out while not costing them a fortune they will go for it.

These restaurant coupons can be for any discount the restaurant wants to offer. They can be based on certain time or dates, fixed rates or a percentage off your total bill. They can offer a buy one meal get one free. They can be for free items or other valuable inducements that will draw the customer in.

Why is this kind of restaurant marketing a good idea? Because it brings customers into the restaurant and building traffic is the key to success. If they leave satisfied then they will return. If they leave satisfied then they will recommend the restaurant to others and every marketer knows that ‘word of mouth’ is the best restaurant marketing there is. So these coupons can greatly benefit the owners of the restaurant.

Of course they are saving the customers money also. This is a great appeal to the customers. This will give the customer an added incentive to come to the restaurant.

The best way for a restaurant to do some restaurant marketing with these coupons is on the internet. They will make them available on there for customers to go check out. All the customer has to do is go on the internet and type in restaurant coupons and many sites will pop up. They will put in their zip code and it will show restaurants in their area. They can choose a coupon from a restaurant that interest them and print it out.

Now the path is set. The customers use the coupons and save money and the restaurant benefits and profits because they did. This is some great restaurant marketing. If you own a restaurant try this tactic. If you are a prospective customer you should go check out these coupons. All will be happy they did.

Rob Fleming is a freelance writer whose articles appear on many popular blogs and websites. Visit his website at Freelance Writer for Hire. For more information on using restaurant coupons for your restaurant please visit ClickB4uEat.com [http://www.clickb4ueat.com].

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Q&A: What marketing strategies have been effective for you as a mortgage loan officer?

Question by Professor Mystery: What marketing strategies have been effective for you as a mortgage loan officer?
I’ve just gotten into the mortgage business in Texas. I’m looking for any tips to help me to deal with the marketing side of the business and any success stories of particular types of advertising. Thanks!

Best answer:

Answer by bmwdlr
Here’s a good resource to find other mortgage reps who are willing to share tips and strategies for finding prospective clients: http://www.homefindinginfo.com/realestateforum/default.asp

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Q&A: Interesting Marketing Ideas Please Help!!!?

Question by KÁwo£§k¥: Interesting Marketing Ideas Please Help!!!?
I just started a new job. It is with an advancement company. I have to do all the local marketing, I cannot do printed ads, television, radio or Internet.

I need to come up with some good ideas. They did supply some balloons and bags, to make some residential baggies with goodies. The big issue being that I have a tight budget less then 25.00 a month.

Now we can ONLY use approved fliers and discounts. Which we used. We have done up coloring books (pre-approved). We are doing doggy biscuits for the local vets and dog groomers and boarders. Like I said LIMITED budget, so things that will cost little to NO money would be great of course. I am trying to learn the system so my mind is bogged down with that, I just need a few ideas please!!
Sorry it is with a cash advance company.

Best answer:

Answer by John d. Allen
What is your product? Without knowing what you actually have or do it’s hard to suggest anything specific. Some general ideas are: You need to stress the benefits of what it does. Always remember features tell benefits sell. Make a list of 10 things you do differently than your competition, then promote them.
Even if you don’t do anything different than they do, if you promote and they try to after you they will be copycats.

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a sales and marketing question. please help?

Question by james_jass: a sales and marketing question. please help?
you are a salesperson for madcap arcade games, selling video games and pinball machines. a local business wants to open an arcade, and would like to buy a new game about every two weeks . a new game costs $ 3,000. you can offer a 5 % discount (an end-of-year rebate) if at least 25 games are purchased from you and during the next year. what will the discount be in dollars?

Best answer:

Answer by Natasha G
no I will not buy

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Q&A: Any good massage marketing tips without getting creeps off the street?

Question by ♥: Any good massage marketing tips without getting creeps off the street?
I have my cards and brochures and local businesses such as physical therapy offices, health food stores. I have package deals and referral programs also. Any other safe marketing ideas to increase clientele base. It’s tough to market in this industry.

Best answer:

Answer by daisy
you know how restaurants or smoothie shops will have a card that you get punched every time you go in? you can create a card that they get 1 hole punch for every 30 min of massage and after 10 punches they get a free 30 min of massage–very good for regular customers. that way if they get a 1 hour massage they get 2 punches. they win and you get a regular customer!

you could offer a client a free 15 min add on to there next massage if they refer someone to you–15 extra min is not that big of a deal to you and hopefully you’ll get a client for life.also when your massage is over you always wish you had just 15 min more right? well,by offering to add that 15 min it will entice someone to refer a client to you.

i worked for this company that did free 15 min chiar massages on teusdays. most people will want more and will usually schedule an hour. also on monday it was senoir day and they got 15% off if you were 55 years or older. i dont know if its just you or you have a business with multiple massage therapist but you could offer “girlfriend day” on a wenesday and charge a reduced price for “couples” massage.

The best way to advertise is through word of mouth. if you are diligent,and treat evryone with resect and honesty they will refer others.its the little extra things you do that will keep people coming back to you as apposed to the other massage therapist down the street. little things like advising people of exercises or stretches they can do at home to help with problem areas or letting them pick out a certain scent of lotion they want to be used on them when they come in.Those things bring dedicated clientelle.

Good luck!!

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Local Marketing, non-etailer, ideas for expanding business?

Question by Cliffrock: Local Marketing, non-etailer, ideas for expanding business?
I am starting a Hi Def tvs and accessories business. We have had a local photo store for years, now we’re getting into the HD market. Our niche: internet prices, savvy consulting, delivery, setup, installtion all at lowest prices.
We are already using craigslist. What about cost/benefit of: local radio ads?, promotions through other local retailers- and which kind?, mailings?, we do have a limited website currently, but we sell local only- so how to SEO for that?
We are also Ebay powersellers/drop-off site and use Constant Contact to email blast our existing local customers with deals.
Other ideas on product line and pricing would be helpful.

Thanks in advance.

Best answer:

Answer by Sarah M
Hi Cliffrock
Websites can still be be very powerful tools for local businesses selling hard goods and/or consulting . . . BUT . . .it has to be done RIGHT.

Most local biz websites die deaths of quiet, no-traffic desperation. I have used a product called Site Build It to build a web site that WORKS… one that delivers 100 times the benefits of a Yellow Pages ad, at one tenth of the cost.

Don’t pay out a fortune on search engine optimization to so-called SEO experts – they try to “trick” or “outsmart” the engines by second guessing very sophisticated and constantly evolving search algorithms. The link below to Site Build It explains how building an honest website will grow your business and win the SEO traffic wars every time.

Good luck, Sarah

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