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Is it illegal to ride a goped on the sidewalks/public streets?

Question by Robert Fuller: Is it illegal to ride a goped on the sidewalks/public streets?
Say I were to to ride my go-ped from here to the local shopping mart. Would there be any penalty for doing so? If a cop saw me is the worst I could get a warning or something? I acquired this go-ped from my neighbor who no longer rides it and gave me a great deal on it, so I really know nothing about the regulations. I have a valid drivers license also.

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Answer by JOEBAMA
In most towns and cities, it is illegal to ride any motorized vehicle on the sidewalk. Also, in most tows and cities, it is illegal to ride a bicycle, skateboard, razor, and scooters on the sidewalks.

You have to check with your local police on that.

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What is your opinion Blunt sets state on trail of illegal immigrants?

Question by ShoeShine: What is your opinion Blunt sets state on trail of illegal immigrants?
O’FALLON, Mo. — Random state inspections of some construction sites to look for illegal immigrant workers and routine checks of the residency status of people arrested by the Missouri Highway Patrol are part of new initiatives launched by Gov. Matt Blunt.

“Illegal immigrants are openly breaking our laws,” Blunt said at a news conference Tuesday at O’Fallon City Hall. “Because Washington has failed to deal with this issue, states must do even more.”

The worksite inspections, by the state Department of Economic Development, will be limited to privately developed projects benefiting from state tax credits or other economic incentive programs.

Blunt said his directive also demands that such companies recertify in writing within the next 30 days that they, their contractors and subcontractors do not employ illegal immigrants. Any company discovered to be using illegal immigrants will be banned for at least five years from getting such state aid. That’s the maximum penalty allowed by state law, he said.

“With this measure and others, we will help to ensure that Missouri taxpayers are not somehow subsidizing illegal immigration,” Blunt said.

Blunt came to O’Fallon to announce the economic agency’s new effort because the city has had two controversies involving allegations of illegal immigrant workers at construction projects aided by state and local bonds.

On Monday, the governor issued his separate order on arrests by the Highway Patrol. That order also applies to the Missouri Water Patrol and the state Capitol police.

Officers with those agencies have begun verifying the immigration status of every person they arrest.

Blunt also has told the three state agencies to work out an agreement with the federal government to allow officers to be deputized to directly enforce federal immigration laws and to get special training. Only six other states have such an arrangement, Blunt said.

Blunt added that he’s asking federal officials for “expedited approval” of the agreement, which would allow more than 1,000 state officers to take illegal immigrants to federal detention centers instead of having to wait for federal authorities to do so.

“This is a significant force multiplier for enforcing our immigration laws,” Blunt said, noting that the state has only about 50 federal agents available for such duty.

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Answer by whcwarrior_10
Too bad many more states wont follow Blunts lead…

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Is this legal America appeal Aiding and abetting with sales that benefits fired illegal aliens?

Question by ANNIE: Is this legal America appeal Aiding and abetting with sales that benefits fired illegal aliens?
Is this legal America appeal “Justice for illegals Immigrants sales benefits fired illegals with either fake, made up or stolen documents ?It was a holiday sale for a singular group of beneficiaries — illegal immigrants who had been thrown out of work.

“It makes me feel less guilty for buying all this stuff,” said Dolores Arellano, 19, one of more than 1,000 shoppers who thronged Saturday to the parking lot of American Apparel in downtown Los Angeles.

The trendy, L.A.-based clothier sponsored the “Justice for Immigrants” event to benefit some 1,600 employees let go in recent months after federal inspections uncovered discrepancies in their immigration documentation.

All the proceeds from the sale will go to the families of the dismissed workers and to organizations representing immigrants, said Peter Schey, an attorney for American Apparel in the immigration case.

American Apparel has been a strong proponent of changes in immigration law that would allow many illegal immigrants to attain lawful status. One of its bestselling items is a T-shirt bearing the Legalize LA logo, a motto that also appears on a massive banner adorning the firm’s plant in the garment district.

Saturday’s pre-Christmas sale featured discounts of up to 85% on shirts, sweaters, dresses and sundry other items. The crowd was larger than expected, and workers were constantly carting in boxes of new clothing to be placed on racks and bins spread across the parking lot, flea-market style. Some shoppers waited more than an hour to get in; later, they faced a half-hour wait to pay. The policy was cash only, no returns.

Some shoppers were on board with the sale’s pro-immigrant thrust.

“You’re buying things at a good price, but it’s for a good cause,” Robyn Ybarra, 22, said as she and friends picked through the racks. “I’m for immigration reform.”

Others seemed more attracted by the prices than the charity.

“Everybody’s entitled to their opinions, but I feel people should come here legally and by the rules, like we did,” said Sahara Ayineh, 19, who said she emigrated from Iran with her family.

Her sister, Saba Ayineh, said the prices were favorable compared with those at retail stores. “American Apparel is usually over-priced,” she said after purchasing an armful of new clothes. “This is more reasonable.”

Among the crowds picking through the bins were American Apparel employees and friends of the dismissed workers.

“Many of our colleagues have lost their jobs, so it’s good to know this will be a help for them,” said Carmen Garcia, 37, a native of El Salvador. “It’s very hard for them to find jobs now.”

Although the Obama administration has mostly ended the high-profile work-site immigration raids endorsed by the Bush White House, it has stepped up federal document audits of companies and workers.

Firms found to have workers whose documentation does not match official records may be subject to sanctions if they don’t act.

Supporters call the audits a humane way to enforce immigration law, without the disruption of raids. But critics call the audits inhumane “desktop raids” that still force low-income immigrants out of work.


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Answer by older
it just gets back to the same ole same ole thing. what is so hard to understand about the word illegal. this has been brought up a hundred times before and the answer is the same. they are criminals–throw them out.

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What should I do if I think my neighbors deal illegal drugs?

Question by egyptianwizard77: What should I do if I think my neighbors deal illegal drugs?
Basically the house to our left has been emptied and filled multiple times in the past couple years but this time they’re staying. My parents and I are 99.9% they’re doing/dealing something. My question is what type of evidence must you have to call the local police department on suspicion (spelled wrong) of drugs? We can’t just call them and say “hey our neighbors are rowdy they’re on something!” Our neighbors are odd. I’ve seen atleast 20 vehicles pull into there driveway (only far enough so their rear-end doesn’t get hit by traffic) honk the horn, someone comes outside, they go up to car window, and the car leaves. This happens ALOT. They also keep a “guard” dog chained up outside in their driveway so people can see it maybe? They also get into LOTS of fights in their front lawn with different people every time. What do we have to hear/see in order to take action? P.S. The Popos show up about once a month for random things. (Fire, dismestic disturbance) to name a few.
Also, if it means anything, we live in a ghetto town.

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Is my fake “Gibson” guitar illegal in the USA?

Question by Rick W: Is my fake “Gibson” guitar illegal in the USA?
I recently purchased a “Gibson” guitar while on a business trip in China. I brought it back with me, but have now confirmed it to be a fake.
Is it illegal for me to even own this guitar in the USA? Can I get into legal trouble just by keeping it – even if I didn’t know it was fake when I bought it and have no intention of selling it? (Yes, I should have known, but I was lead to believe Gibson had a factory in China, and I was getting a local factory “second” at a substantial discount.) NOTE: Gibson doesn’t have a China factory… It’s 100% fake.

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Answer by fdj1
yes ,mail it to me for further examination

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Q&A: Is it illegal to bury a cow on property?

Question by Alex: Is it illegal to bury a cow on property?
I know someone who tends to bury all of their livestock that dies on their property, not so well either. They don’t bury the body 6ft deep. What I’m wondering is, is it illegal to bury the livestock without permission from Local Authoritys (or whomever would deal with this)?

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Answer by drunk elliefunt
i dont think so…..i mean is it illegal to bury your dog after it gets hit by a car? no, i think the same would go for livestock……its not a person, and i dont think you can just drop it off at the dump……

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Is it illegal to use coupon codes I found for a website?

Question by lal: Is it illegal to use coupon codes I found for a website?
I found some coupon codes for a pizza place listed on a website, but I don’t actually have a coupon. Is it okay to use these codes? or will I get in trouble?
It isn’t scanned coupons, it’s just a little code you can put in when ordering online.

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Answer by Adam
If it doesn’t say on the website that you must have the coupon, then go for it.

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Q&A: Is it illegal to buy or sell a coupon?

Question by mattsdx: Is it illegal to buy or sell a coupon?
I know that there are cash value stipulations, but I guess that’s a manufacturer redemption thing.

So let’s say I had a 10% off coupon for a $ 100 purchase. Could I turn around and sell said coupon to someone (for, obviously, less than $ 10)?

Please provide a link if you think the answer is no.

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Answer by Ashley2009
they do it in ebay but they say that coupons are “free” but ur paying for their time to clip and sort. Good luck 🙂

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A law was recently passed in Maryland to allow for illegal immigrants to pay in state tuition…?

Question by Snowboard Zombie: A law was recently passed in Maryland to allow for illegal immigrants to pay in state tuition…?
to attend the community colleges. Well the problem is, with the economic downturn, more and more people are loking to community college to help push them forward a bit…find a better job, a better life ect. Because of this, the available seats in local community colleges are growing thiner every day.

So I ask this…who in their right mind believes this is a good idea? Anchor babies unfortunately have the “right” to attend public schools paid for by true american tax paying citizens, so now we’ll let them take up room in our schools at a discounted rate?

Here are some “requirements”:

They must have attended community public schools for at least two years.
They must prove that they have resided in MD for at least two years.

If you must come to mooch off of our country, at least pay the full rate! We rely on a certain amount of out of state people to pay bigger rates so locals get discounts.

I’m in VA btw- but I’m assuming this will happen here soon as well.

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Answer by cocomojo
The Dark Side of Illegal Immigration:

Nearly One Million Sex Crimes Committed by Illegal Immigrants In The United States.


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