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Wild Bunch, The Dvd from Warner Bros.

Wild Bunch, The Dvd from Warner Bros.

Director Sam Peckinpah’s film The Wild Bunch is a powerful tale of hang-dog desperados bound by a code of honor. It is said that The Wild Bunch rates as one of the all-time greatest Westerns, perhaps one of the greatest of all films

Q&A: Get a discount for buying a bunch of stuff from Badcock Furniture and more…?

Question by : Get a discount for buying a bunch of stuff from Badcock Furniture and more…?
My main question is “Has anyone ever worked an unadvertised deal for furniture at badcock if they are buying multiple things or for any reason actually”

I’m going to be buying an entire living room set and kitchen table with 8 chairs and maybe master bedroom stuff in the future from badcock furniture possibly but I’m wondering if anyone has any suggestions on getting the best price? I’ve never purchased this much stuff before but the way it seems at some other furniture stores, they want to at least make a deal with me. The manager at the local badcock doesn’t even seem to want to help me with selecting all the things I need…
I’ve been looking for any discount for packaging it all up or anything and he simply says that “all of our 3500 stores sell everything for the same price” I said, “so they sell it all at full retail price and only have random discounts in the flier for FURNITURE?”
I’m always worried about getting ripped off.

Best answer:

Answer by PAULA F
Believe me, there’s always a sale. However, trying to negotiate a better price than the advertised sale at a furniture store other than a solely owned local store is near to impossible.

Almost all furniture stores have adopted this “no additional deal” practice. As a consumer, at least I would know that no one else is getting a better deal because of better negotiating skills.

A lot of people cite the huge markup in furniture as a negotiating tool, or the promise that they’ll be buying a lot of furniture. Believe me, we hear this every day & it has no affect on us. Fact is, all of the markup is eaten up by freight costs mostly – – up to 85% of our “profit” margin. The rest is warehouse cost, personnel, rent, utilities, insurance, etc. If a furniture store nets 2% a year, they’re doing well, & a lot of big furniture chains are on the brink of disaster because they’ve tried to keep prices down in fighting for business during this economy. Some large chains have gone out of business over the last few years that were considered to be strong retailers.

I want to tell you that Badcock has had a great national reputation for MANY years. I’ve been in the furniture biz for almost 30 years, & my dad was in the biz for 30 years before that. Package deals no longer exist because those retailers who did that are no longer in business. The manager is reluctant to work with you because his staff works on 100% commission – meaning – they don’t make any money till they sell something at 5 or 6% commission. He needs to keep his people making money. He gets a salary. It benefits him to have his salespeople. No one’s getting rich in this business, believe me. Most salespeople are making little more than minimum wage these days.

I would say that your best sale discount will be 30% off retail. Ask if there are “preferred customer” day sales, or wait for a holiday sale, like Memorial Day. Ask if they have a 30 day price guarantee. Or special financing deals. Or ask your salesperson to call you when your items go on a special deal. Or watch their website diligently. A lot of times the salespeople are not told of upcoming sales till the last minute.

It’s always best to be nice – no one will work for your business if you are demanding or have an attitude. You won’t get a better deal by chumming up the manager. We’ve all been around the block a time or two.

I appreciate that you are a savvy shopper & don’t want to pay more than necessary, but these are the honest tips I can give you that may help.

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Do stores actually get any money out of shoppers using a bunch of coupons?

Question by : Do stores actually get any money out of shoppers using a bunch of coupons?
Because I see this show were people use coupons to pay for like…. everything, and they hardly spend any money.
But the real question is, do stores actually get money some way off coupons?

Best answer:

Answer by Stuart H
They get money from the issuer of the coupons.

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Q&A: Why do I feel like I am stealing when I take a bunch of coupons?

Question by : Why do I feel like I am stealing when I take a bunch of coupons?
I go to a gas station and say there is a booklet of coupons, I will take like 5 -8 coupons and feel like I am stealing lol. I just do it cause I collect and use them at a later time. Is that considered stealing? Or what.
I know. I just take a bunch of the same ones though lol, sometimes I just go to stores to grab a bunch.

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Answer by One day is death

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