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Q&A: Train from Berlin to Amsterdam on 20 July 2006?

Question by Viet Nga: Train from Berlin to Amsterdam on 20 July 2006?
I can not read German so can not check the price for tran from Berlin German to Amsterdam central on 20 July 2006 at about 12 o’clock. Is there a cheaper way buying a local train to the border cause I have a discount card to travel in Holland 40% off. And how much is the train ticket cost from Berlin to the border? How much is it cost to Amsterdam? Thank you very very much.

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Answer by kbcolorado20
Copy the text on the train website….Then go to http://www.babblefish.com and click on language translation…..You should be able to translate German to English using one of them….My favorite is the one with the virtual keyboard! Good luck!!!!

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Is there is a discount for BVG (Berlin transport) if i have a bahncard?

Question by Ibrahim: Is there is a discount for BVG (Berlin transport) if i have a bahncard?
I am an international student staying for 2 months in berlin , i will buy the bancard so if there is any discount i can get in the public transportation inside berlin , by the way i have the isic card
So please recommend for me the chepest way to use the berlin local transportation ,
I don’t mind buying second hand bike (Where to get it and average how much it cost ??)
Also i am doing internship there do i get any discounts (What is the needed papers if there is??)

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Answer by Jean-Michel
Complicated but we will try to help:

Firstly there are three types of “BahnCard”
1.Bahncard 25 entitles the passenger to 25% discounts on top of fares already discounted by 25-50%, called SparPreise 25/50, that are available under certain constraints such as advance purchase.
2.Bahncard 50 provides a 50% discount on standard walk-on fares, but not the discounted fares (SparPreise 25/50). It is aimed primarily at frequent travellers who want the convenience and flexibility of being able to hop on a train without making prior arrangements.
3.Mobility Bahncard 100 allows unlimited travel on the entire Deutsche Bahn network and 109 local public transport networks across Germany. The card itself is valid as a ticket; no additional paper ticket needs to be issued.

Then there is the “City-ticket” is currently available in 109 German cities. Bahncard 25/50 holders who travel over 100 km with a standard ticket are eligible for one free connecting journey by local public transport at their destination, in all cities participating in the program. The return journey to the railway station is also free for a return ticket. The text “+City” is printed on the DB train ticket, making it valid as a local transport ticket. In most participating cities, this ticket is valid on the entire network (rail+bus+tram), in some it is valid beyond the city limits, and in a some only for certain operators.

Bus operators:
Most bus companies, including most of the regional bus routes operated by DB, accept the BahnCard. The same discount of 25% applies both to the BahnCard 25 and the BahnCard 50, and the Mobility BahnCard 100 is valid as a full ticket.

Note: The “BahnCard” is a subscription service that automatically renews each year, therefore you must cancel the subscription at least 30 days before the renewal date if you no longer require it.

An alternative, in Berlin, is the “Wochenkarte”, a 7-day ticket that costs around 32 Euros a week and gives “Free” travel throughout the city. The ticket is transferable so you can give it to a friend to use whilst you are working. These tickets are valid on bus, U-bahn (underground), S-bahn (overground rail), trams, buses and small ferries.

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