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Tips about my Athens visit?

Question by Efta_Potiria: Tips about my Athens visit?
Hello, I will be in Athens in less than a month, and I have a couple of question marks flying around in my head:

1) Should I take the bus or the metro from the airport to Syngrou avenue (I need to go somewhere very close to the Acropolis)?

2) Would taking the bus give me a nice city tour?

3) I am a student; can I use my student ID card to get student discounts?

4) What are some nice local restaurants? What is the price range in the restaurants in the Plaka area?

5) Do(es) restaurants / gift shops accept credit card?

6) How is the weather usually like in Athens in mid-March?

7) Is the Acropolis area, Plaka, and Monastraki safe after dark for a young couple?

I would greatly appreciate if you can answer some, if not all, of my questions! Thanks a lot!

Best answer:

Answer by BJ&Co™
i went to athens on a cruise in the summer in August-
only there for two days.
but in them two days i visited the acropolis- boring as hell! took some beautiful scenic photos though.

We went to the plaka area- shopping, it was nice it’s a bit complicated though to find your way around.- yeah it’s safe after dark for young people- just bring someone with you!!!!

The city itself looks like any other city- new york.. liverpool.. london.. paris etc.
so there’s nothing TOO scenic within the city.
but no i’m lieing, there are some gorgeous stunning architecture on hotels, libraries etc.

The resteraunts in the plaka area aren’t too dear, saying that we payed 10 euros for 3 coca colas?
so i’d take extra money if your eating/drinking there.

Yes the restaunt we went to, did accept a credit card.

If you want to see any photos of athens, don’t hesitate to email me!
Have a nice time!

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