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3br – Amazing New Condo at Great Low Rate 2mi to Disney

3br – Amazing New Condo at Great Low Rate 2mi to Disney

Home Features:

3 Bedrooms;

2 Baths;

Fully Equipped Kitchen;

Wireless Internet;

Full Size Washer/Dryer;


Central Air;

DVD Player;

Towels and Bed Linens;

Telephone with FREE Local Calls;

42' Flat Screen…

Stereo Amplifier – 125W RMS x 2 Channels

Stereo Amplifier – 125W RMS x 2 Channels

The Stellar Labs SLA Series of Stereo Amplifiers were designed specifically for use in distributed audio installations, where high reliability and premium sound quality are a must. Remote on/off triggering and signal sensing allow these units to be set up in equipment racks, with no further contact required. Rear mounted master level controls keep installation safe from future tampering. Two auto–switching inputs allow automatic operation when used with more than one system.This amplifier is perfect in whole-house audio systems because it will connect to any existing line level or speaker level source. Auto power sensing turns on the amplfifer automatically, as well as off when not in use. 12VDC input trigger is provided, to allow on/off command to come from another source. Additionally, a 12V trigger output is provided to allow this amplifier’s Auto-Power-On circuit to control external devices.Special ApplicationsAdding zones to an existing systemSpeaker level inputs allow amplifier to be easily added to an existing system. Simply connect to line feeding existing speakers and drive multiple additional pairs. Input impedance is very high, so existing system will see no additional load. Auto-Power-On feature will make operation totally automatic.Adding local components to a whole-house systemCeilng speakers in the bedroom or den are great for listening to the whole-house system. But what if you want to listen to a local music source or TV? This amplifier will connect to the existing whole-house system speaker lines, plus provide a line level input for a local source. When the whole-house system is playing, the music plays through as normal. When a local source is turned on, the amplifier switches only that pair of speakers to the local source. When the local source is turned off, the ceiling speakers automatically switch back to the whole-house system. All funtions are fully automatic, including on/off. Set up once and forget it! Adding subwoofer to a single zoneWhole-house system is great for providing background music, but sometimes a living room or rec room may need a “little more”. Simply connect this amplifier to the speaker lines feeding that room, put the amplfier in bridged mode, and power a free standing or in-wall subwoofer.Two Models to Choose From:SLA-150SLA-250

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CMYE: Shop Local Game Show @ Biscuit General Store!
local deals
Image by Yelp.com
Yelpers and Halifax fashion bloggers came together at Biscuit General Store for a night of shopping challenges, local prizes, and incredible deals. With seasonal teas from the World Tea House and delicious snacks from Durty Nelly’s, they proved you’ll never have this much fun trolling the malls!

Shop local FTW!