Q&A: where can i get free coupons in the mail?

Question by mom 2 a baby boy: where can i get free coupons in the mail?
I just had a son and I am looking for places that will send coupons to your doorstep for free. Please help me I need to save money.

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Answer by Rhonda
any sponser site…ex: huggies,swnason, etc

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  1. Wutz it worth 2 ya?

    Look up Laura David, there’s a questionnaire thingie to do and then you’ll get coupons in the mail.
    For baby things, go to:

    StartHealthyStayHealthy.com and sign up there, you’ll get coupons every month, sometimes every week. Included free baby formula too. Then you’ll also get Huggies stuff, coupons. Walmart.com, then In Stores Now, then click SAMPLES, and select what you want. Check it often because they’re always adding new samples. After that. you’ll also get random coupons in the mailbox. Also, go to enfamil.com and sign up, you’ll get even more! On many different things for a baby too, not just enfamil alone.


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