What type of advertising would be good for dog kennells?

Question by : What type of advertising would be good for dog kennells?
My girlfriend is setting up her dog kennel’s and was wondering if anybody knew a good way for advertising for people to see that her service is there we are situated in Ireland.And if anbody knows a good advertising company and if anybody does advertising cards or anything like that would be great thank you.

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Answer by KwayzieBonz
Most reputable breeders “advertise” around the dog show circuit. First and for most I believe you should show and health test any dogs before you breed. Once you start showing you might have some interest in when you will be breeding you bitch or stud as many people would like a nice standard show dog.

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  1. paint1boxers

    You can get discount business cards on the internet- I would also put up fliers at the Vet offices, pet stores and contact as many dog show people as possible. Contact the British Kennel Club for show sites and dates, meet and make contact with people. Hand out cards, do some handshaking and schmoozing. Put ads in local papers, and on the radio. Have a Grand Opening with drawings for prizes and free goodies for the dogs- Like snacks with your business card attached or munchies for the owners with your business name on petit fours in the shape of biscuits. Its lots of work but once your name is out there if she gives little extras as well as great service, word of mouth will do the rest. Good Luck!


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