What is a good beginner bike for cycling?

Question by DaltonB: What is a good beginner bike for cycling?
I’ve been running a lot lately for a good cardio workout, but I get shin splints very bad. So, when my shin splints get bad I’d like to have a bike to cycle to keep the cardio going on. What is a relatively cheap bike that would be good for a beginner?

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  1. John M

    The best bike will be designed for where you want to ride. A good cardio work out would be a road bike on the road or paved bike paths. A hybrid will be cheaper but not as much fun on the road but is a blast on bike trails like rail trails where you can ride very long distances. You want a quality bike that fits go to a bike shop. Department store bikes are poor quality and only come in one size.

  2. Old Hippie

    Define “relatively cheap”. If you mean the discount store variety of bicycle – I won’t even respond because they all fall apart quickly. If you mean in the range of $ 400 on up – your lowest priced alternative would be Bikes Direct on the web.

    You have to ask yourself a few questions. Where & how will I be riding? Off-road? Purely on the streets? A little of both? Do you “feel the need for speed”? If so – a road bike is the way to go. Price? More than the rest – about $ 500 and up for something good. For comfort on the streets & a bike that can take a light trail of packed earth & finely crushed gravel – a hybrid. 2nd link below. For pure off-road riding, a mountain bike – 3rd link.

    I would stop by a few of your local bike shops & ask questions – lots & lots of questions. Ask them to explain the difference between a simple freewheel hub vs. a better “freehub” and cassette. See 4th link. Bikes with the later set-up last much longer – and are your best wheel/hub set up.

    In short – if you are going to buy a bicycle – get a good one from the start. Cheap don’t cut it!!


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