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Where can I get all the resident evil novels for a cheaper price?

Question by Chris w: Where can I get all the resident evil novels for a cheaper price?
I’m a big fan of resident evil and gazed at a few of there novels. I want to read them all so I have to buy all of them and at my local books a million store, Hastings There about 7.99 a book. So that kinda ads up if you buy all of them. I want to know a place where I can buy them all for a cheaper price. Some kind of hastings or booksamillion deal or something or mabye something special I can do online. If I added It up now it would be about $ 60.

Can someone please tell me where I can get them for cheaper?

Best answer:

Answer by SnowFlats
abebooks.com. You’ll find them there and they’ll be reasonable.

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Q&A: OMG Is feeding chicken to your cat bad? Expert advice?

Question by kakapoopoopeepeeshire: OMG Is feeding chicken to your cat bad? Expert advice?
I’ve been feeding my cat boiled chicken because it’s really cheap here. 50 cents per pound of chicken at my local supermarket! I don’t put any salt or spices, just water and chicken. I feed her chicken once daily, along with some dry and wet food that we get from discounts.

Is this bad? My cat does not look unhealthy at all, her fur has noticeably gotten shinier since we started feeding chicken thighs to her. Skin included..

Don’t worry I feed her cat food everyday to give her all the nutrients she needs.. but is giving cats chicken bad??

Best answer:

Answer by atomiciero
no, my cats eat chicken and have done since they were kittens. It wont harm them and they’l love you for it :]

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Godaddy coupon code 2012 that is latest and works site wide?

Question by Biggy: Godaddy coupon code 2012 that is latest and works site wide?
I am looking for the latest godaddy coupon code that can be applied to any order site wide. I am renewing several domains, some include private registrations as well. Moreover, I have a couple of new domain orders in my cart too. Finally, I have a hosting account upgrade order. I need a coupon that will give me a discount on my entire order.

Best answer:

Answer by UttarPaandu
The first thing I like to do is look up on Google by searching specifically what you need. For example, you can use your search string as “latest site wide godaddy coupon 2012” or something like that. Anyway, for domains and web hosting there are several dedicated coupon sites which are better than giant coupon sites like retailmenot, couponila and techbargains. One specific dedicated site that I have used in the past and found useful is iWebHostingCoupons: http://www.iwebhostingcoupons.com/view/godaddy-coupon-code/

I think they had a 30% off site wide coupon which worked for mixed group orders like the one you are trying to make. Hopefully it should still work for you. Good luck!

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how often does gamestop come out with coupon deals?

Question by Ben: how often does gamestop come out with coupon deals?
more specifically their 20FROM80 deal.. cuz it expires today, but i dont wanna use it jus yet and was wondering if those come out often? or any coupon deals similar to that

like when does the next set of coupons come out?

Best answer:

Answer by Daniel
I suggest you sign up for the weekly newsletter at Gamestop.com. They will inform you by email of their latest deals.

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Crowdsourcing: Where should I go on vacation?

Question by GamerEdie: Crowdsourcing: Where should I go on vacation?
I have a week off work in the next month or so.

We were going to renovate the bath, but now it’s not going to happen.

I work for an airline, and one of the perks for the long hours, hard work, and weird schedules is you get deep discounts on other airlines.

So I have eight days. I must be leave my house on day one, and I can travel anywhere in the world but I must be back at my house on day eight. Keep in mind, if you’re suggesting something half way across the world that will mean I’ll spend have my vacation in a plane. Which might be worth it… as long as the destination is worth spending less time actually there than flying there.

I will be leaving from a major city in California. There will be two of us. We are married. We are in our mid 40s but we are not 40-somethings. We do drink the occasional beer, but we don’t consider going out and “partying” a good reason to go somewhere. We don’t “go clubbin’.” But we love music, especially finding local bands playing in undeground bars. We both like Burning Man, but we are not ravers — we do it for the amazing art and culture of it.

We are huge nerds. We like outdoor stuff, but we are not hardcore “outdoor” types so places where it’s all about hardcore hiking or biking up mountains and little else wouldn’t do. We like culturally interesting, completly foreign places, both urban and rural. We like mountains and deserts and beaches. Our last two trips were travelling the coast of Ireland and Japan. We would rather go somewhere that’s a “bucket list” destination than somewhere that all Americans go (ie: Hawaii).

We speak a little French, and a little Spanish. We don’t do hostels. We don’t want to die in an insurgency. And we absolutely do not do drugs of any kind.

What are your suggestions for an eight-day trip.

Best answer:

Answer by art M
book a cheap cruise in the caribbean or take a train trip for a change. slow down your travel and make it more about the journey and not the destination. rent a car and drive up to clear lake near ukiah in northern california. or to reno nevada. if going to the caribbean, u.s. virgin islands offer some interesting contrasts to life in the regular u.s.a. hawaii is a destination of choice for a reason. if you ever get 2 weeks instead of one new guinea or new zealand would be interesting but the flight time is too long for eight days. have a great trip

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Is this legal America appeal Aiding and abetting with sales that benefits fired illegal aliens?

Question by ANNIE: Is this legal America appeal Aiding and abetting with sales that benefits fired illegal aliens?
Is this legal America appeal “Justice for illegals Immigrants sales benefits fired illegals with either fake, made up or stolen documents ?It was a holiday sale for a singular group of beneficiaries — illegal immigrants who had been thrown out of work.

“It makes me feel less guilty for buying all this stuff,” said Dolores Arellano, 19, one of more than 1,000 shoppers who thronged Saturday to the parking lot of American Apparel in downtown Los Angeles.

The trendy, L.A.-based clothier sponsored the “Justice for Immigrants” event to benefit some 1,600 employees let go in recent months after federal inspections uncovered discrepancies in their immigration documentation.

All the proceeds from the sale will go to the families of the dismissed workers and to organizations representing immigrants, said Peter Schey, an attorney for American Apparel in the immigration case.

American Apparel has been a strong proponent of changes in immigration law that would allow many illegal immigrants to attain lawful status. One of its bestselling items is a T-shirt bearing the Legalize LA logo, a motto that also appears on a massive banner adorning the firm’s plant in the garment district.

Saturday’s pre-Christmas sale featured discounts of up to 85% on shirts, sweaters, dresses and sundry other items. The crowd was larger than expected, and workers were constantly carting in boxes of new clothing to be placed on racks and bins spread across the parking lot, flea-market style. Some shoppers waited more than an hour to get in; later, they faced a half-hour wait to pay. The policy was cash only, no returns.

Some shoppers were on board with the sale’s pro-immigrant thrust.

“You’re buying things at a good price, but it’s for a good cause,” Robyn Ybarra, 22, said as she and friends picked through the racks. “I’m for immigration reform.”

Others seemed more attracted by the prices than the charity.

“Everybody’s entitled to their opinions, but I feel people should come here legally and by the rules, like we did,” said Sahara Ayineh, 19, who said she emigrated from Iran with her family.

Her sister, Saba Ayineh, said the prices were favorable compared with those at retail stores. “American Apparel is usually over-priced,” she said after purchasing an armful of new clothes. “This is more reasonable.”

Among the crowds picking through the bins were American Apparel employees and friends of the dismissed workers.

“Many of our colleagues have lost their jobs, so it’s good to know this will be a help for them,” said Carmen Garcia, 37, a native of El Salvador. “It’s very hard for them to find jobs now.”

Although the Obama administration has mostly ended the high-profile work-site immigration raids endorsed by the Bush White House, it has stepped up federal document audits of companies and workers.

Firms found to have workers whose documentation does not match official records may be subject to sanctions if they don’t act.

Supporters call the audits a humane way to enforce immigration law, without the disruption of raids. But critics call the audits inhumane “desktop raids” that still force low-income immigrants out of work.


Best answer:

Answer by older
it just gets back to the same ole same ole thing. what is so hard to understand about the word illegal. this has been brought up a hundred times before and the answer is the same. they are criminals–throw them out.

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Will Target take a coupon worth more then the item?

by dfb

Question by bandbbrooks27: Will Target take a coupon worth more then the item?
Will Target take a $ 5 coupon for a $ 2 item? As long as you buy something else to cover the difference? I know other stores will.

Best answer:

Answer by qwerty777
No they won’t, and usually if that happens, it’s because you got the wrong item (whether intentionally or not, doesn’t really matter). The computer will most likely reject it.

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Q&A: How much coupon interest does this bond pay?

Question by maniphone1979: How much coupon interest does this bond pay?
A 25 year bond with a par value of 1000 sells for 990.92. The current market interest rate is 10%. How do you calcuation this to get the answer? Thank you.

Best answer:

Answer by KairuSS/RS
$ 59.10

If paid semi annually.

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What happened to in store electronic coupon dispensers?

Question by kerpal s: What happened to in store electronic coupon dispensers?
Not that I really care for the coupons at all but when I was a kid in the 90’s I remember having fun at the grocery store plucking out coupons from those machines attached to the aisles. I moved a lot as a kid so maybe it was a geographical/specific store phenomenon… but does anyone know what I’m talking about.. are they still around?

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Answer by Patricia S
Just went grocery shopping yesterday at a Shop Rite and there were some available. Their around in So. NJ.

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This again: Are any of these bicycles good deals?

Question by If someone finds this…: This again: Are any of these bicycles good deals?
Hey y’all.

I’m looking to buy a bike this summer without breaking the bank. I got fitted at my local bike shop to ride a 52-54 cm bicycle. Are any of these bicycles decently priced for the value?

Centurion Lemans RS: http://www.the-climb.net/2009/02/weekly-deal-2.html
Motiv IMAGE Road Bike: http://losangeles.craigslist.org/lac/bik/2446944676.html
Sentinel ROAD BIKE: http://losangeles.craigslist.org/lac/bik/2446931996.html
SCHWINN ROAD BIKE: http://losangeles.craigslist.org/lgb/bik/2446659088.html
Free Spirit ROAD BIK: http://losangeles.craigslist.org/lac/bik/2446640398.html
Spalding Blade: http://losangeles.craigslist.org/lac/bik/2447026086.html
CENTURION | ROAD BIKE: http://losangeles.craigslist.org/wst/bik/2447106249.html

I’m new to the bike scene so I wouldn’t mind if these old bikes have some minor problems that I can learn about and fix. Of course, I wouldn’t want a laundry list of repairs that’ll cost as much as the bike.

I’m also aware that many go-getters are taking advantage of this bike trend by fixing up old bikes and selling them for multiples more than their value. Considering this, I will be sure to try to haggle the price down.

Thanks in advance!

Best answer:

Answer by SoccerRefToo

Condition and frame size are critical. As a rider, I would be partial to the first Centurion (red ./ white) bike. Yes, they are all mostly over priced. But it seems that used bikes all started spiking in value last fall. Make an offer.


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