Q&A: Considering a job at T-mobile.?

Question by igrl88: Considering a job at T-mobile.?
I’m considering taking a job at the local t-mobile store as a sales representative. I was curious as to what the average t-mobile employee makes in salary and if you get any discounts, on phones or plans?

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Answer by fungirltohavearound
I can’t speak on behalf of T-mobile but I know when I worked for U.S Cellular we got awesome deals on phones and plans and everything. We got unlimited mins and unlimited text messaging and only paid taxes for the first line and then 10 a month for the same plan with all the rest if we got more then one. I made 12.50/hour at a call center and the retail store agents made closer to 14/hour plus commission but like I said that was with U.S Cellular…not sure with T-mobile…I’ve heard that the cell phone companies are very close with pay….but you never know…Good luck!


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