Starting a new business?

Question by david b: Starting a new business?
I need some advice people, i’m torn between starting 2 businesses one is a local coupon website backed up by a discount coupon booklet delivered to 10,000 homes, the other is a text marketing business where businesses can text offers to customers who have asked to be kept informed of discounts etc dentists can send out appointment remiders by the text service too. I have registered domains for both opportunities ideally i would like to start both companies but they are kinda both competing due to both being targeted at local small businesses in the advertising world.

How do i solve this problem of trying to run both? same website or 2 complete different web sites can you really run 2 businesses in the same industry? Any other advice would be much appreciated.

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Answer by steven Fini
well i would try to make it into one business but have two or more different things that your business does. the more options you have the better for the costumers

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