Poofy Curly Hair and How to Get it to Stop?

Question by Shivani S: Poofy Curly Hair and How to Get it to Stop?
After i take a shower and towel dry my hair (it’s straight when it’s wet) it gets curly and by the end of the day it gets poofy too, so i kind of look like a cotton ball.
By poofy I mean that it gets more volume or becomes more frizzy.
do you have any suggestions that would help me keep my hair, well, normal? i dont want to have to straighten, curl, or blow dry my hair everyday.
Also, is there something i can buy at my local store to help me deal with frizz?

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Answer by Katie F
i use super skinny serum by paul mitchell and it totally helps eliminate frizz and poof.

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5 thoughts on “Poofy Curly Hair and How to Get it to Stop?

  1. AlexisLovesYouBabe.

    Okay here is a simple and easy way to get rid of frizzy poofy hair… Try to use Tresemme shampoo and conditioner 2 in 1 volume it mainly controls frizz and poofyness. another thing you can do is, style your hair differently change the way your hair is and see if it helps.

    Hope I Helped!

  2. youdunnome123

    my hair sounds like it has the same texture as yours.

    1) when you get out of the shower, ring your hair out

    2) flip your head over, brush hair from root to tip towards the ground

    3) with your head still flipped over..put in a generous size of curling/volumizing mouse and scrunch from tips to roots.

    4) dry your hair a little more with a cotton t shirt instead of a towel to keep the frizz away

    5) spray in a spray gel similar to when you did the mouse. (scrunch from tip to root)

    6) allow hair to air dry throughout the day and spray a lightweight hairspray to hold curls in place. airdrying really helps contain frizz.

    i like dove products. the key is using a few products and air drying!

  3. Kalsjhd

    just buy an anti frizz, they come in small containers and you can buy them at the drugstore, next to the hair conditioners. Rub and leave into dry hair as needed.

  4. ~*MaRjAaNi*~

    do not comb ur hair AT ALL
    i did tht last night and my hair came out as poofy as hell!! kep it the way it is
    and when its wet, use leave-in conditioner or anti-frizz serum
    tht will be the best! u can try oil but tht stimulates dandruff in some ppl with oily hair


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