Keyboard problems on Dell Latitude C640?

Question by Just Curious: Keyboard problems on Dell Latitude C640?
I have an older Dell Latitude C640 that I purchased, at quite a discount, from the local university. It was in near-perfect condition, and performed admirably for 4-5 months. It is loaded (currently) with Windows 2000.

Recently, however, the keyboard has been acting up. At first, whenever the ‘d’ key was pressed it would type an ‘a’ as well, so the total result would be ‘da’ whenever the ‘d’ key was pressed.

Now, however, the problem has intensified. For about 10-15 minutes after being booted up (depending on usage of keyboard) it works as stated above. Then, the ‘da’ problem disappears. Instead, the ‘a’ and ‘z’ keys, as well as the ‘1’ key stop working. Sometimes, if pressed repeatedly, they will function but seem to be stuck (although they feel fine).

Any suggestions? As a relatively new computer geek, I could use instructions on re-installing drivers if that happens to be a ‘magic bullet’ of sorts. Or should I just go with an external keyboard?

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Answer by Charles X
I am going to assume that the computer you mentioned is a laptop. My best advice is simply as you put it. Get yourself an external Keyboard. (( Note )) you might have to disable to onboard keyboard through the Device Manager. Assuming the function is even there. But before you go there. Just plug the external in and see if it works. If it does. You wont need to device manager.

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  1. JMKyler3

    The C640 is a common notebook and finding a replacement keyboard should be both easy to find and relatively cheap.

    Changing the keyboard on a Dell is very easy as the screws labeled with a “k” on the underside are the ones to remove. Then you simply unplug unplug the ribbon cable and install the replacement.


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