Is my fake “Gibson” guitar illegal in the USA?

Question by Rick W: Is my fake “Gibson” guitar illegal in the USA?
I recently purchased a “Gibson” guitar while on a business trip in China. I brought it back with me, but have now confirmed it to be a fake.
Is it illegal for me to even own this guitar in the USA? Can I get into legal trouble just by keeping it – even if I didn’t know it was fake when I bought it and have no intention of selling it? (Yes, I should have known, but I was lead to believe Gibson had a factory in China, and I was getting a local factory “second” at a substantial discount.) NOTE: Gibson doesn’t have a China factory… It’s 100% fake.

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Answer by fdj1
yes ,mail it to me for further examination

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6 thoughts on “Is my fake “Gibson” guitar illegal in the USA?

  1. beingbad67

    Absolutely. It’s called counterfeiting. j/k
    Actually, it’s an Al-queda plot and plugging it in to any amplifier of electrical outfit would have results as equally devestating as a “dirty-bomb”

  2. shortstop42000

    Really and truly no one will really care. It’s like having a fake rolex: everyone knows it’s fake and it’s not hurting rolex sales.

  3. Michael

    hey dude don’t worry about it unless your selling it how will anyone know. Ps: no,unless you state clearly that it is a gibson.
    Rock out the chirstian way.

  4. etctam

    It would be illegal for you to sell it as a Gibson, but owning it (since it was not purchased in the US) is not. If you purchased it in the US it would be illegal, trademark (not copyright) infringement. I’ll also asume there are some patents involved in the highly precise wourld of string instrument making, so reproducing a Gibson exactly would be illegal, but as long as you never sell it, you should be alright.

  5. Perdendosi

    It was illegal for you to import it (it coudl have been confiscated), but it is probably not “illegal” for you to own it here. Now, misrepresenting it to a prospective buyer, or trying to sell it on eBay, is certainly a violation of the Lanham Trademark act among others, and when done wilfully can subject you to civil and criminal penalties.
    Talk to a trademark attorney to be sure.

  6. BarB

    You are not allowed to own any designer “knock-off” products. If caught, they will confiscate it.

    NEVER buy items like that overseas anywhere – especially in 3rd world nations.

    I’m surprised you got it through customs on your return.


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