I’m thinking of starting up a local torture chamber?

Question by rogavit: I’m thinking of starting up a local torture chamber?
How should I attract clients?
I’m probably going to include racks, hot irons, burn stations and perhaps a central pit with ravenous dogs/bears.
I was thinking of giving discounts to seniors and kids but I’m a bit concerned it could erode my profitability.
Any advice is welcome.

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Answer by jetski097
chain the tortured to a wall, and have the original, “It’s a small world after all” (Disney song) playing on repeat. It’ll get stuck in their heads and annoy the @^%* outta them.

Don’t get caught! lol!

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  1. Hanna

    I know this is a stupid question and all but is this supposed to be an attraction for Halloween? If so, you should set up an age limit to seniors and kids. Just in case the attraction will be too much for them. Oh and you could get a bath tub and fill it with fake blood.. That would really creep the visitors out. You could also use dry ice or one of those smoke producing machines to maximize the effect of your torture chamber, and make sure to position them next to door ways, so that when people enter in it, they would get really spooked. And another idea, you should get a fake skeleton and chain it to a wall and put a dirty plate and a broken mug close to it, oh and be sure to include scratches and blood splatters on walls. One last idea is to set aside a room that has huge meat bags in it, to make it look like there are dead people inside the meat bags and be sure to have a smoke effect on that room!


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