Does this story get you in the Christmas spirit?

Question by southern comfort: Does this story get you in the Christmas spirit?
Mary hurried out the door cursing the whole time.” I hate to shop. I wish Christmas would just get over with. ” she mumbled to herself. Mary got into her car, and sped off to the local discount store. When she pulled into the parking lot, she saw that there was not a parking place. ” Damn” she yelled. Why can’t I just go away for the rest of the Christmas season. She finally spotted a spot to park and hurridly parked her car. She thought to herself that she would just run into this store and buy whatever she finds. She opens the door to the store and smiled seeing that the store was almost empty. She went to the clothes rack and started to browse through the shirts.” Maybe mom would like a shirt.” she said to herself. She had been standing there for a little while, when she saw a couple coming over to the racks beside her. They seemed to be in a heated disscusion. “Holly. I said that she needs a pair of shoes worse.” the man said. The woman looks to be in her mid thirties, her clothes were tattered and her shoes were of two different styles. He was a big man, maybe in his early fourties.He wore clothes just as tattered as his wifes. ” No Ted, she needs clothes worse. It is getting cold and she will freeze if she wears that old dress she has now.” Holly said. Mary tired not to listen to this couple and concentrated on the task before her. ” Honey” Ted said. ” I think your right. Let’s look for Cassie a new winter dress. ” Mary tried to get the imigine of a little girl, wearing a tattered dress and shoes that had holes in them out of her mind. But the thoughts seeped in, and traveled to her heart. Tears came to her eyes. Mary thought to herself how she could help this couple. She knew that a mere handout would probably offend them. She had to find a way to give that couple money. But how? Finally it hit her. She dug into her purse and found two one hundred dollar bills and dropped them on the floor. She continued to look through the clothes, waiting for the perfet time to discover the ” lost” money. She couldn’t hold out any longer, the couple was going to leave the area they were at. Mary bent down and picked up the money. ” Excuse me'” Mary said to the woman. ” Did you drop this money? ” The woman looked at the money in Mary’s hand. ” No” she said. ” I didn’t drop any money.” Panic flooded Mary’s body. How can she convince this couple that this was indeed their money. ” You know, ” Mary said. ” Sometimes, when you pray for something, God works in mysterious ways to answer them.” The woman cocked her head and squinted her eyes. Mary continued quickly. ” I know that God wants you to have this money. I think that you should take this money and use it the way God intended.” The woman’s eyes filled with tears. ” I didn’t think that my prayer was heard, I thought that God forgotten about us and that this Christmas would be like so many past ones.” By this time tears were streaming down both Mary’s and the woman’s faces. ” Take the money, and buy what you need.” said Mary. ” Merry Christmas and may God Bless you.” Mary said. She turned to go down the next asile, leaving the couple there. ” Oh honey” Holly said. ” We can buy our daughter a new dress, new shoes, and a toy.We even have enough to buy some food.” Ted looked at his wife, tears streaming down his face as well. ” Yes honey, God answered our prayers. Cassie will have a wonderful Christmas this year. ” Holly smiled. ” Cassie is going to be so excited, I can’t wait to see her eyes light up when Santa FINALLY stops at her house.” she said. This time with such joy in her voice. That even the Angels smiled.
By: Sandie Pulley
copyright 2006

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Answer by mikey
too damn much 2 read..but will take 2 points…wohooo

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2 thoughts on “Does this story get you in the Christmas spirit?

  1. sunnychick

    It’s good, but you need to be more discriptive of each carachter. They still seemed like people you would pass in a croud. Discribe their looks and personalities more, so the readers get a feel for who they are and what they are going through. Also the main carachter should realize how selfish that she was being by complaining about shopping… I know she gave them the money and it made her happy to help, but she should have sort of a self relization about her bad attitude and be happy that she CAN shop for her family on Christmas when others can’t. Also, your story sounds modern, with driving to the shopping center and all. But when the parents of that little girl are talking it sounds like they are from another time… What little girls actually wears dresses in the middle of winter? Maybe they should be talking about a jacket or sweater.


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