How would you feel if you received coupons as a gift?

Question by caffeinatedmom2: How would you feel if you received coupons as a gift?
Last Christmas, I gave a family member a brand new coupon book (similar to a Happenings book) in addition to other gifts. For my birthday, I got a couple coupons that she clipped from that book. Am I wrong for taking it as an insult? Do I send a thank you card?!
This was from a 30-something and she does remember because she thanked me for it a week or two ago. (Yes, a thank you for a Christmas gift, in June.)
About the original gift… the book cost $ 20, was full of coupons for stores/items that I know she uses, and it was in addition to other gifts. I don’t see anything wrong with that.

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Answer by bollywoodturtle
That’s really weird, but I would probably laugh it off. I would send a thank you card. If she was trying to insult you, you shouldn’t let her know that she succeeded. Let her think you’re thrilled with her “gift”.

I probably wouldn’t be buying her any future gifts, though.

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14 thoughts on “How would you feel if you received coupons as a gift?

  1. ashley

    I would be insulted, too. I mean, it’s the thought that counts, and that really has no thought. But some people are rather bizarre – and cheap – when it comes to gift giving. Not to sound insulting, but is she older? She might not be all there anymore.

    But if you feel she’s just being thoughtless/cheap, I’d probably be a bit stingier next year.

    And yes – you always send a thank you note. No exceptions.

  2. jlynns99

    That’s odd. She re-gifted. Kinda. I think I would be insulted. And if she sent you a thank you card for the coupon book you gave her, recycle it and send it back to her. But that’s just me.

  3. Violet

    I’m not sure if it’s meant to be an insult or just a really bad gift… sometimes people don’t remember who gave them what, and they can regift in very stingy ways.

    I would ignore it completely, and not give said family member gifts any further.

  4. Morningstar

    She was out of line. Apparently she didn’t like your gift. I would have appreciated it. You said you gave other gifts, so she should have let it go. She did insult you. Be a better person, send her a card. After all, you didn’t have to buy her anything in the first place. Next time , don’t.

  5. Opr13

    I wouldn’t take it as an insult. Maybe she forgot who got her the coupons, maybe they are coupons that she cant use for some reason. Maybe she figured that since your into coupons you might be able to use them.
    Just say thanks. Its only a big deal if you make it big deal.

  6. Pacifica

    Understand these coupon books. Some of the stuff in there a very good deal. We buy the restaurant books here.

    Her giving you a few coupons . . . . well not nice at all . . . perhaps a hint . . . cannot judge.

    Sounds pretty wonky to me.

  7. pj

    Have you ever heard the expression, ” you can catch more flies with honey than vinegar”? here is a classic example to that. Yes, send her a thank you note. Tell her while you appreciate the gift, you bought her the coupon book for christmas as a gift for her to use. Let her know you bought yourself one also, so you already have that particular coupon, but will put hers to use as well. IF this does not get through to the clod nothing will.

  8. riversconfluence

    Gee, hard to tell if it was a statement on how she did not like your gift, sorta like, she said” here, see how you like getting coupons for a present.”
    Or if she could not afford something different, or if she thought she was being nice, giving you the coupons she could not use.
    I’m afraid my first reaction would have been that she did not like her present.
    But, yes, send the thank you card. Sometimes, if someone is trying deliberately to hurt you, the best way to deal with it is to not be hurt. And if she really wasn’t being mean, you have done the right thing.


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